Issue Price: 80,85 EUR | Redemption Price: 80,45 EUR – Valuation Date: 26.03.2020

Risk Notice

Achieving the three investment objectives of RIV Zusatzversorgung is an ambitious challenge. As the fund makes distributions which are independent of the respective investment results and are adjusted to the change in the German consumer price index on a yearly basis, it is possible that the fund distributions to the investors have to be taken from the fund substance in part or in whole. In an extreme case this may lead to a reduction in the fund assets which can not be made whole again.

RIV Zusatzversorgung aims for long-term capital appreciation and is prepared to accept short-term -and under circumstances significant – volatility. Even though shares can be redeemed on a daily basis, the fund is not suited for short-term investments. Investors should plan for a minimum holding period of five years and make provisions for foreseeable liquidity needs in next four years by other means.

The fund is suited for investors, which seek recurring, long-term purchasing power stable distributions. The investors are therefore willing to trade the long-term higher inflation risk of interest-bearing securities against the higher short-term risk of volatility in equity investments with purchasing power stable distributions.

The fund is – as all capital investments – not only subject to general market risk, but also political risk. There can therefore not be made any assurance that the objectives of the investment policy are met within the investment holding period of the investor.

The value of the fund and therefore the value of every single share can increase or decrease compared to the issue price. This may have the consequence that investors when selling shares may not recover their full initial investment amount. This risk declines with longer investment holding periods.


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