Services and Terms


  • Asset management for investment funds
  • Management of individual wealth management mandates for private and institutional investors, with RIV having full portfolio management discretion according to a previously signed limited power of attorney within the wealth management contract
  • Monthly reporting to the client about the composition and the achieved results of the securities portfolio
  • Monthly review of the most important developments concerning capital markets
  • Preparation of yearly income statements for tax purposes for the client
  • Yearly preparation of a long-term overview of the client securities account value, taking deposits and withdrawals since the signing of the wealth management contract into account
  • Consistent and aggregated management of client securities accounts at different custody banks
  • Consideration of tax implications of all transactions


Minimum investment amount

To allow for a risk minimizing diversification within a securities account, the minimum investment amount for wealth management mandates is €500.000. Since the inception of our funds, everybody -also with investment amounts below the minimum investment amount- is able to profit from our wealth management.

Management Fee

Our management fee is fixed at 1% per year of the managed wealth and is due semi-annually in advance in the amount of 0,5%, though at least €1.250. Additionally the statutory value added tax is charged. No management fee is charged within wealth management mandates for shares of investment funds that are managed by RIV.

No other Fees

RIV does not receive any further compensation in form of e.g. initial sales charges, recurring commissions or kickbacks. RIV does not charge any performance fee. The special rates that RIV has negotiated with its cooperation partners are in their entirety to the benefit of RIV clients. If RIV has negotiated reduced initial sales charges with banks or the management company, they will in their entirety be credited to the benefit of RIV clients.

Bank Fees

With our cooperation partners (major and private banks, savings banks) we have negotiated special rates for our clients with regard to transaction costs and custodian fees in the magnitude of about 50% off regular rates. The entire bank fees (transaction costs, account maintenance charges and custodian fees) have in the last years on average amounted to 0,2% of the respective securities account value.