RIV Zusatzversorgung

Issue Price: 79,95 EUR | Redemption Price: 79,55 EUR – Valuation Date: 02.04.2020

Combination of investor-friendly properties

  • Inflation-adjusted, stable distributions

  • Low total costs with no performance fee

  • No use of derivatives and no securities lending

Why another investment fund?

State pensions are not safe any longer

  • Germany has a huge demographic problem: more and more pensioners need to be financed by less and less active contributors to the pension system. Already now, the German federal state subsidizes the state pension system to about a third with tax money. Without additional private capital accumulation widespread poverty in old-age is risked.

Bonds face large long-term losses

  • The nominal returns of bonds with high creditworthiness are very low or even negative. A reasonable risk premium for the credit risk of the issuer does not exist at the moment.
  • The urgently needed debt reduction of state budgets is easiest implementet by keeping inflation rates higher than interest rates in the long-term, resulting in negative real interest rates. Sustained negative real interest rates lead to a creeping reduction in the purchasing power of monetary values as well as a wealth redistribution from savers to debtors.
  • Because of the tremendous size of worldwide government debts, an increase in real interest rates does not seem very probable.

A lot of investors have permanent financing needs for periodic and predictable returns from their capital investments. For this purpose, investors often chose bonds in the past, because the real interest rates still were positiv. In the current environment (inflation > interest rates), equities have become significantly more attractive than bonds and are therefore without alternative if the investment objective is the long-term preservation of purchasing power.

RIV Zusatzversorgung was launched on 01. October 2018 as aims to solve these issues for the investors.