Frequently asked questions by prospective clients regarding R.I. Vermögensbetreuung AG and the RIV investment funds are answered here. Should you have further questions or require further clarifications, please feel free to contact us.

Shares of our mutual funds are publicly purchasable, allowing every interested investor to have their assets managed by RIV. Furthermore, RIV offers wealth management services for affluent clients and institutional investors.

There is no minimum investment amount for investments in our mutual funds. Mutual fund investments are usually made in whole shares. At some banks the purchase of fractional shares is possible, e.g. when investing through an automated investment plan which start at €25.

The minimum investment amount for our wealth management services is €500.000.

From 2009 onward, the applied withholding tax in Germany puts investors in individual securities at a disadvantage to mutual fund investors. Mutual fund investments offer the following advantages:

  • Administrative costs are deductible when determining the taxable income within the fund.
  • Realized capital gains remain tax free within the fund and are reinvested undiminished.
  • The transaction costs within the fund are about a quarter compared to corresponding costs in an individual custody account.
  • Investing in individual securities produces a large quantity of transaction confirmations and account statements from the bank, as every account movement (buying, selling, dividends, interest) has to be documented. In addition, you will receive notices for capital measures, invitations to general meetings, takeover offers, stock splits, etc. With mutual fund investments this all happens within the fund. Our clients only receive transaction confirmations and account statements when fund shares are bought or sold. The number of transaction confirmations and account statements is reduced significantly.
RIV does not offer its clients access to external funds or products, but rather markets its own self-managed funds:

RIV Rationalinvest Vermögensverwalterfonds (WKN: A0MVZQ) is an international mixed asset fund with focus on equity investments.

RIV Aktieninvest Global (WKN: A0YFQ7) is an international equity fund that primarily invests in companies with medium or small market capitalization.

RIV Zusatzversorgung (WKN: A2JJ1J) is an international equity fund that makes yearly inflation-adjusted distributions.

RIV mutual funds are suited for risk-tolerant investors with an investment horizon of at least five years. Although the shares can be redeemed on a daily basis, they are generally not suited for short-term investments. An investor should be able to provide for his/her foreseeable liquidity needs in the next three to four years by other means.

Our mutual funds povide an optimal investment solution for investors who in accordance with historical experience assess equities as a real asset to be safer and more profitable in the long-term than monetary claims.

RIV is the initiator and the investment management company (“Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft” (KVG)) of the RIV Rationalinvest Vermögensverwalterfonds, the RIV Aktieninvest Global and the RIV Zusatzversorgung and is responsible for the investment policies of the funds and their implementation.

Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH is the fund administrator.

The custodian (“Verwahrstelle”) for the RIV funds is Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG, which besides being the custodian has a special control function towards the investment management company.

Should the investment management company become insolvent, then the RIV-funds would be transferred to a new investment management company. As investment funds are special assets which are kept seperated from the management company’s assets, seperated amongst each other and separated from other special assets, this can be done without any problems. The assets of the investment funds would be unaffected.

In the case that the custodian becomes insolvent, the securities within the funds would be transferred to a new custodian. As the custodian also has to keep special assets seperated from its own assets, seperated amongst each other and separated from other special assets, this can be done without any problems. Bank deposits deposited at the custodian however, would be affected by an insolvency of the custodian. Because of this, RIV ensures that the amount of bank deposits does not grow too large and if necessary distributes bank deposits across several banks.

Investment fund shares are declared as special assets in custody accounts and assigned to the name of the investor. The fund shares are protected in case of the custody bank declaring bankruptcy. The investor only has to find a new custody bank and transfer the shares to the new account.

RIV-funds can be bought without initial sales charge at your current bank which obtains the shares directly from the investment management company (KVG).

At less customer-friendly banks the funds can be bought on the Hamburg Exchange. The buy-sell-spread at the exchange can be 1,5% at most. Historically, shares that were bought over the exchange paid about 0,5% above net asset value.

If requested, it is possible to open a custody account with one of our cooperation partners. You should however at least invest €100.000 in our funds. We have negotiated special rates with our cooperation partners for RIV-funds investors.

The administration costs of the funds are at every point in time included in the funds’ price. Their magnitude and composition is listed in the master data of the respective fund.

On every trading day, investment fund shares can be redeemed by your current bank at the investment management company or they can be sold at the Hamburg Exchange. After ordering a sale of shares, the proceeds will be credited to the bank account two trading days later if the redemption at the investment management company happens until about 14:00 o’clock, or the sale has taken place at the Hamburg Exchange.

Buying and selling shares cause fund internal transaction costs. As compensation, a redemption fee of 0,5% is charged when redeeming shares at the investment management company. The redemption fee is in its entirety credited to the investment fund and thereby the remaining fund investors.

Despite a risk minimizing diversification of the fund assets, investors have to be prepared to accept short-term and under some circumstances significant volatility.

The investment management company determines the investment fund prices on every trading day, usually in the early afternoon, by including the prices of all securities and currencies from the previous trading day. Subsequently, the investment fund prices are published on the respective homepages of the investment funds. The current fund prices can also be obtained on every internet platform that provides securities prices by entering the respective securities identification number (WKN). In addition, the newspaper Badische Neuste Nachrichten publishes the price of the RIV Rationalinvest Vermögensverwalterfonds in its daily print edition.


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