Issue Price: 147,96 EUR | Redemption Price: 147,22 EUR – Valuation Date: 02.04.2020

Investment Policy

  • The investment focus lies on international equities with special consideration for companies with medium and small market capitalization. Investment risk and volatility are minimized by diversifying across issuers, industries, countries and currencies.
  • The fund is invested in equities with at least 51%. Usually the equity ratio will exceed 75%.
  • At most 10% of the fund assets may be invested in other equity funds.
  • Options, certificates and other derivatives as well as real estate funds and physical precious metals are not purchased. Hedging or overlay strategies are not executed. Experience and scientific research show that the costs of derivatives are higher than the benefits for private investors in the long-term.

RIV Aktieninvest Global is suitable as a complementary investment to our RIV Rationalinvest VVF which mostly invests in companies with large market capitalization und is suitable for investors with an investment horizon of at least five years.

Why are especially companies with medium and small market capitalization considered in the fund?

Stocks of small and medium-sized companies have in the past performed better in the long run than companies with large market capitalization, however at the cost of higher volatility. The advantages of small and medium-sized companies are:

  • A leaner administrative body, which allows for flexibility, high dynamic and transparency. Innovation, efficiency, growth and generation of new income sources are promoted.
  • Fewer regulatory risks, as these companies are less likely to come under the paralyzing control of government, as they promote competition und on the other hand do not have to be rescued by the tax payer when in trouble.
  • Higher probability of being a takeover target.
  • Information-inefficiency, as stocks of small and medium-sized companies attract less public attention and are analyzed by fewer analysts.

As a small fund, the RIV Aktieninvest Global can optimally benefit from opportunities in medium- and small-capitalized companies. Large funds influence prices of medium- and small-capitalized companies with their order unfavourably, require a long time to build and reduce positions or are in the first place not able to build an adequate position compared to the fund size.

Fund Advantages

  • Attractive risk-return-profile
    • Long-term profitable investment with below-average volatility through international diversification.
  • Protection from inflation, liquid and transparent
    • Equities are real assets and provide the best protection from inflationary developments in the long-term. History shows that carefully constructed, globally diversified long-term equity investments – although often experiencing intense volatility – overcome times of inflation and currency reform and preserve and even increase wealth in the long-term.
    • Shares of the fund can be sold in any amount on a daily basis. Daily share prices and a lot of other information are found on
    • Every known investor is informed about the investment results of the fund in a monthly reporting consisting of a detailed fund composition, implemented transactions within the funds and an overview of macroeconomic developments.
  • Cost-effective
    • The total expense ratio as well as transaction costs stated under Master Data are way below average compared to comparable investment funds.
    • Management costs reduce taxable fund income. Furthermore, fund distributions and fund capital gains are 30% tax exempt.
    • Realized capital gains are tax-free within the fund vehicle and are reinvested undiminished.
    • Transactions in our investment funds are much cheapter on percentage basis than in individual securities accounts. Sales commissions of banks for buying and selling stocks are about 0,5% for individual securities accounts with special conditions, whereas they are about a tenth for our investment funds.
    • Investing in individual securities produces a large quantity of transaction confirmations and account statements from the bank, as every account movement (buying, selling, dividends, interest) has to be documented. In addition, you will receive notices for capital measures, invitations to general meetings, takeover offers, stock splits, etc. With fund investments this all happens within the fund. You will only receive account statements if you buy or sell shares. The number account statements you receive is reduced significantly.